Thursday, July 10, 2014

Malling in Jakarta

View from the Grand Indonesia Mall in Jakarta

In the urban hubs of Southeast Asia, malls are central foci; convenient eateries, stores and play areas for all ages.  With a rapidly growing middle class and young population (nearly 60% of Indonesia’s population is under the age of 40), malls encapsulate Indonesia’s growth.

 Bright lights sparkle all day for rain or shine

World within a world, where your dinner could be served on a boat, not quite by the sea

A few floors away, one could stroll along European style courtyards at their leisure

Aside from the variety of foreign and domestic brands and stores that populate multiple levels, malls have also shown great design diversity.  In the air conditioned bubble, the variety of seasonal storefronts and mall designs is sure to astound the casual shopper and continue to amaze its patrons.  Just a tour or several tours of the malls in Jakarta, one would quickly pick up on the new pulse of Indonesian society as it continues to move forward.

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