Sunday, June 29, 2014

"Do you think there is any common ground between these three ethnicities?" - "FOOD!"

The Silence before the Storm:


A Well-Fed Happy End.


Aside from a colorful variety of University related events, it soon became clear that this outstanding group of American University students came to Southeast Asia to fullfill one mission (out of the many) with particular care: to eat as much outstanding regional cuisine as possible. Even though the verb to "eat" might qualify to describe the very process of putting nutritious substances into mouthes as such (proceeded by wild acts of chewing and swallowing) the term itself fails to acknowledge the outstanding act of actual food enjoyment in Malaysia. The delight of tasting street sensations and restaurant delicacies has not just become the number one topic but a unifying element bringing this group of hungry minds (in many respects) a little closer together.

By now, the one or the other lotus bun has been shared, along with multiple fruits ranging from interestingly spiced mango over rambutan and jackfruit. Forever undecided whether the entire group will develop a longstanding, durable relationship with durian, the group suceeded to agree on its first week's lunch-time favorite: a juicy chicken rice curry - to be sold out long before official lunch time end. Aside from nibbling the little bites and watching the fresh coconut milk running down thirsty Ramadan throats (to later on continue with ever more outstanding coconut ice-cream), substantial lunch and dinner meals have caused and will for sure continue causing positive amazement.

Within the last week, food not just has proven to be an important communal element within this travelling AU community, but might also be able to act as one of the least common, reconciling denominators in a country of ethnic divide.

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    Great topic and great blog. I thought I'd just add a banana leaf to the festivities!